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How to Get More Replies to Your Forum Posts

Does your forum seem inactive? Have you ever thought of why there are often so few replies to your forum post? Do you want to increase your forum interacting and get more replies? Now let's diagnose the following problems together.

So, in this article, I'm going to talk about the useful methods to get more visitors on forum.

1. Is your post topic interesting enough?

I believe people won't waste their time to write a word to a boring and nonsense thread. So make sure your thread is interesting enough to draw viewers' attention and attract them to write down their opinions. The more interesting your post is, the more replies you may get from the viewers.

2. Did you post your topic in the right place?

Usually, forums are segmented into different discussing areas according to the topics. For example, a computer based forum may be segmented into Hardware parts, Software parts, Computer Game parts, etc. If you want to get more replies to your questions on CPU, you'd better not post it to software parts. Also, most of the forums have General Chat parts for those who just like to gossip or for those who don't know where to post.

3. Are you reluctant to reply others?

The response should be mutual. If you are reluctant to reply other user's posts, how do you expect to get more replies on your topics? Reach out to help others seems to be the critical methods to receive replies back. You can sincerely answer other users' questions, express your own ideas on a controversial topic, or simply say "Thank you" to those smart sharing. Of course it's time-taking. But you'll be appreciated and gain more and more replies to your posts from others.

4. Have you ever reward your readers for their replies?

Giving away some small gifts to those who reply to your post can help you get even more replies. For instance, you can start a contest/giveaway/sweepstake on your forum and require visitors to reply to gain. If your gift is attractive enough, you can win lots of replies in a short period of time. Digiarty's Win Free Copy program can free sponsor you well-received software products to carry out such contest, why not seize this chance?

Hope my diagnosis and suggestions can help you become active forum members and also bring you more replies to your forum posts.