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Want to Get More Comments on PCWorld Forum? Here are Some Smart Tips

PCWorld.com is a well-know website which is related to computer and technology. And the PCWorld forum has totally 365 thousand registered members and 482 thousand posts. Do you want to become an active user on this forum? Do you want to get more comments on your posts? Following are some useful tips or guide on how to get more comments to your post on PCWorld.

1. Check if you post in the right place.

There're 7 parts on PCWorld forum and each parts are further divided into several sub-segments. If you want to get as many comments as possible from PCWorld users, please make sure you've posted in the right segment. Let's take DVD burning problem as an example. The right place should be Software & Service then Music & Video Software. That's where you can post. If you post your question on other place like Hardware Help, it may take a longer time for you to get comments.

2. Good post content.

If you have real problems, you should state it directly and concisely so that people could give you right answer. If you just want to share your ideas about laptop or mobile phone, you'd better make it interesting or lead users to share their own opinions. So you can get comments from other PCWorld users. Do not post plain facts there, try some open questions to lead your viewers.

3. Contribute your comments to other PCWorld users.

Sharing is sexy. In order to get more comments from other PCWorld users, you should firstly comment their posts. You can sincerely answer their questions or share your ideas. Giving comments to other posts will possibly bring you even more comments back. What's more, please answer the comments on your posts. It's enjoyable. Also it shows you value your viewers' contribution.

Besides, if you're a forum admin of PCWorld, you can even launch a forum contest/giveaway/sweepstake at times. It is proved to be an effective way to get a large amount of comments on forums. I strongly recommend Digiarty's Win Free Copy program which free offer products for forum admin to reward their users.

Above are some useful tips on how to get more comments on PCWorld forum. As long as you put them into practice and stick to them, you'll succeed.