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Facebook Useful Tabs to Help You Get More Fans

Looking for Facebook lurkers to be your page fans? There's no better way to do this than with a custom Facebook landing tab. It can be as comprehensive as your own website giving your "fans" plenty of options to meet, get in touch with you and each other and find more information about your business.

Sometimes using tabs just makes a lot of sense. For instance, if you have a limited amount of screen real estate, tabs can allow you to save room by giving the user a way to toggle between several items in a small space.

General Custom Landing Tabs
An effective custom landing page should support your SMART objective, show value at a glance, and have a clear call to action. A landing page without a strategy or good design will not automatically help you get more fans. A landing page can reinforce branding or promote specific campaigns, programs, or events. It doesn't have to be a static content either, it can change according to your activities. While custom tabs might look nice and can be strategic, if you don't measure – it will lose the fans favor.

Here are a couple of examples of customized landing pages: Highlight A Program or Event; FAQ and Info; Review, etc.

Highlight A Program or Event
The Digiarty (WinXDVD.com) Facebook page used promotional "Big Offer form Digiarty" tab related to the Win Free Copy program to help Facebook page owners get more fans. Combining promotional materials with current events is a marketing tactic that can work well on your landing tab too.

You can add a pretty FAQ tab to your Facebook page to explain the concept more efficiently. The best thing about the tab is that it allows creating Q&A page with answers revealed after the click (something you would normally see on huge FAQ pages with multiple questions) so the Facebook lurkers will be more familiar with your page and then become your fans.

Reviews Tab
Reviews tab adds user-generated content and testimonials to your fan page. Each review is shared on the author’s Facebook stream – the only thing you should be aware of before adding this tab is that it might result in spam boost.

You can even customize the form to:
Add a heading
Upload your logo
Add your phone number and mailing address
Add your social media profiles