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Some Useful Points to Help You Draw More Traffic to Your Forum

A lot of people start up forums and plan on having the busiest traffic to their forums. But most of the time the truth is, few visitors come let alone post. Why? I'd like to state that a decent amount of traffic is of prime importance of an active forum. So, how to draw more traffic to your forums? Here are some useful points.

1. Use search engines.

You have to admit that in the world of internet, search engines rule the roost, no matter you love them or not. In order to get a large amount of traffic, you must make sure that your forum URL is listed on all mainstream search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Except these big names, I suggest you to submit your URL to other engines, such as Live Search (MSN Search), DMOZ, AOL, ASK, etc. Submitting a URL will not take you much time, but you'll be rewarded when you get traffics to your forum via these search engines.

2. Do SEO.

After submitting your forum to a number of search engines, you should go on to do SEO to increase your visibility so as to draw more traffic. SEO, which is short for search engine optimization, will help your forum be listed in the front. SEO is effort-taking. You can follow the tips:

(1) There should be images, texts and links on your forum.

(2) Write some articles using appropriate key words that related to your forum.

(3) Submit these articles to article websites and social bookmarking sites.

SEO is time-consuming work. But as long as your forum is listed on the top, it will draw lots of traffics to your forum. So it's worthy.

3. Exchange links with other forums, websites.

Exchange your forum link with other similar or not similar forums/websites is feasible in drawing traffics to your forum from those sites. You need to do some research of those sites, contact them, and then add URL for each other.

4. Giving out awards.

Everyone likes winning awards. And giving out awards is the perfect way to draw traffic to your forum. So, why not launch some small contest, giveaway or sweepstake? If you search "Win Free Copy" in Google, you can find Digiarty is free offering their products as awards for forum admin. You can read more: http://www.winxdvd.com/win-free-copy/

Besides the above points, the best advice in drawing traffic to forum is never give up. Once you persist to it and succeed, you can sit back and watch your forum traffic increasing day by day. Good luck.