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May Watt
May Watt is a sought-after editor at Digiarty. She is responsible for digital and multimedia world, delivering definitive video and audio related software reviews, enlightening guides, and incisive analysis. As a fan of Apple, May Watt also brings her experience to more readers and focuses on writing of the Apple ecosystem at large.

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[Updated] How to Free Download 4K 60fps HDR/XDR Videos from YouTube
Want to download YouTube 4K HDR/XDR videos at 60fps? Here's a free downloader enabling you to get 4K 60fps videos downloaded for offline watching, editing or other purposes.
May Watt July 19, 2019 4K 60fps
4K Video Codec Mystery: Every Detail You Want to Know Explained
What are 4K video codecs? Where to download 4K codec for playback 4K videos on PC/Mac? Is there an all-round 4K encoder and decoder to create and compress 4K videos? Every secret of 4K codec will be dug out here.
May Watt Aug 9, 2019 Codec
What Is the GoPro Video Format and Codec for 4K Shootings?
What file format and codec does GoPro use for 4K video? What to do when Gopro video format isn't supported? Those questions have been clearly answered here.
May Watt Nov 20, 2018 GoPro video format
How to Fix 720P/1080P HD/4K UHD Video Play Problems?
If you are encountering HD/UHD video playback problems on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad/ Android mobile or other gadgets, you can take several minutes to find the solutions here.
May Watt Nov 23, 2018 4K not playing
[GoPro 4K] How to Upload GoPro 4K/HEVC Video to Facebook
Facebook doesn't support HEVC video upload, so this post tells how to upload GoPro 4K HEVC video to Facebook fastly with high quality still.
May Watt Nov 26, 2018 GoPro 4K