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[3 Ways] Transfer Data from Old iPhone 5/6/7 to New iPhone X/8

How to Achieve Data Transfer from Old iPhone 5/6/7 to New iPhone X/8?

The new 2017 iPhones, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 whichfeatures major redesign, highly improved hardware and iOS 11 featuring faster and smarter performance, is believed to bring a much greater user experience. To transfer data from old iPhone 5/6/7 to new iPhone X/8 is what you must do if you have an upgrade plan. How to achieve iPhone data transfer? The following 3 ways can guide you out of trouble.

1. Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via iTunes
2. Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via iCloud
3. Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via WinX MediaTrans

Need Reliable iPhone Data Transfer Software? WinX MediaTrans Contributes a Lot!

• Fast transfer photos, music (ringtones), videos, e-books (audi books), podcasts, Voice Memos, iTunes U between iPhone and computer in a few of clicks.
• Auto convert incompatible music/video files (FLAC, MKV, AVI, MTS etc.) to acceptable AAC, MP3, H.264 when adding to iPhone & export EPUB books from iPhone to PDF, TXT, HTML for reading on Android, Kindle Fire.
• Decode iTunes purchases (songs, movies, TV shows, audio books etc.) to DRM-free MP3, MP4 files for playing on non-Apple devices.

Back Up Data of Old iPhone

Way 1. iTunes | Move Data from iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8

iTunes offers backup-recovery solution to store most of iPhone data and settings on computer as well as restore them to a new iPhone conveniently.

Step 1. Back up Data from iPhone 5/6/7 to iTunes
• Make sure that iTunes installed on your PC/Mac is the latest version. Open iTunes.
• Plug in your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. Trust the computer if the message appears on iPhone screen.
• Select iPhone in iTunes. Click Back Up Now.
• If you want to store the backup on computer more safely, check Encrypt iPhone backup option and add a password. Please remember the password because it is fairly impossible to recover iTunes backups without this password.

Step 2. Move SIM Card
If you use a same SIM card, move it from old iPhone 5/6/7 to the new iPhone X/8. But if you use another new SIM card, directly put the new one into iPhone X/8.

Transfer Data to New iPhone 8

Step 3. Transfer iTunes backup to new iPhone X/8
• Turn on iPhone X/8 and connect it with computer.
• You will see a Hello screen. Follow the instruction until App & Data appears. Select Restore from iTunes Backup.
• Open iTunes on your computer and select new iPhone X/8 in iTunes. Click Restore Backup.
• Choose the correct backup version and enter password for encrypted backup. Please keep iPhone X/8 connected to computer until data transfer is finished.

Limitations to Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via iTunes:
1. iTunes can only back up iTunes purchased music, videos, e-books etc, of old iPhone except items synced from iTunes and photos stored in the cloud.
2. iTunes backup errors for iPhone disconnected, unknown error or other reasons often occur.
3. iPhone not restoring backup from iTunes for no enough space, corrupt backup etc, also bothers many users.

Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone 8 with iCloud

Way 2. iCloud | Download Data from Old iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8

iCloud, the cloud storage service, is developed to store, share and manage data across platforms from iOS, macOS to Windows. It can also back up iOS devices and restore backups wirelessly. Like what we do using iTunes, we should copy data from old iPhone 5/6/7 to iCloud and next restore to new iPhone X/8 to make data transfer completed.

1. Connect a stable Wi-Fi network on your old iPhone 5/6/7.
2. Open Setting > [your name] > iCloud > Turn on Backup > Back Up Now.
3. Move the SIM card from old iPhone to iPhone X/8 or insert a new SIM card into iPhone X/8.
4. Turn on iPhone X/8 and begin setting up following the directions.
5. After you see the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup. Log in iCloud account (Apple ID).
6. Choose the accurate backup version from the list to start data recovery.

Way 3. WinX MediaTrans | Copy Data from iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8

WinX MediaTrans, this competitive iPhone file transfer software, is available to get media files like photos, videos, music, e-books off iPhone 5/6/7 to computer and in turn import copied data to iPhone X/8 in the simplest and fastest way. Compared with backing up all contents at once via iTunes and iCloud, it offers selectively transfer to only export and import desired data. It offers a totally safe syncing process without losing data. Next, let's transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via WinX MediaTrans.

Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone 8 with WinX MediaTrans

1. Download and install WinX MediaTrans on your computer.

2. Connect old iPhone 5/6/7 with computer via USB cable.
3. Open WinX MediaTrans and you will see several function modules on the interface. Tap matched module(s) and export photos, music, videos, e-books, ringtone, Voice Memos, Podcasts and iTunes U to computer.
4. Disconnect the old iPhone after the backup is finished and plug in new iPhone to computer.
5. WinX MediaTrans will automatically detect your new iPhone X/8. Well, tap matched function module on the main interface and click "Add Item" button to import desired data into WinX MediaTrans.
6. Click Sync button to transfer added data to new iPhone X/8.

Limitations to Transfer iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 via WinX MediaTrans:
• It is not able to transfer contacts, notes, apps and settings from iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8.
• You need to transfer one kind of files at a time not all data at one go.

iTunes alternative - WinX MediaTrans

Bottom Line:
iTunes and iCloud work well to transfer data from iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8 but sometime make several troubles, like incompatible backup, limited storage, slow speed, unable to backup or restore for Apple ID, password or internet connection and more.

Focusing on media files, WinX MediaTrans can transfer all media contents, including iTunes purchases and other files synced to iPhone from iTunes, iCloud or other cloud services. Without storage, internet, Apple ID restrictions, it gives a more stable and much easier, faster method to transfer data from iPhone 5/6/7 to iPhone X/8.

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