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iOS 9: Release Date and Features

When is iOS 9 coming out? What are iOS 9 features?

I am not content with iOS 8's performance since I updated as soon as it came out. So I am very looking forward to iOS 9. Please tell me iOS 9 release date and some information about it, be it the new features or improvements compared with iOS 8.

Best Answer:

iOS 9 Release Date
Given that Windows 10 is confirmed to be released officially on July 29, Apple won't, without any semblance of a doubt, sit on his hands. As previously predicted by experts and critics, Apple finally lifted the lid on iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 on June 8, along with its release schedule.

iOS 9 was available to those enrolled in iOS developer program right off the bat, while everyone else who wants it for free waited until either the public beta in July, 2015. The official release date was set on September 16, 2015. On March 21, 2016, new beta version iOS 9.3 was launched with great new features and improvements like Night Shift, Touch ID for Notes, new health apps and CarPlay.

iOS Features
New iOS 9 features consist of redesigned built-in free apps and premiers new ones:

1. Siri in iOS 9 is getting the much-needed smarts to rival Google Now. Apple's personal assistant understands the word "it" within context and brings proactivity to the operating system.

2. Low battery mode will extend battery life by up to three hours when enabled. It's similar to offerings from Samsung and HTC, but not quite as extreme. It does limit some functionality, but all core features are still acceptable.

3. The biggest update is definitely the iPad multitasking update in iOS 9. There's a great new app switcher interface, and then the "slide over" feature allows users to slide new apps onto the screen, and "split view" allows users to display multiple apps on the screen and the same time and work in both.

4. Apple has finally added new maps and associated information for public transit. The Maps app will route using all available modes of public transportation. Apple's app also gives specific walking directions inside of bus and train stations, which is pretty incredible. Transit features will be available in 10 cities to start.

5. Apple Pay has been touted as a success, but so far has been limited to the US. That all changes when the mobile payment platform launches in the UK next month.

What is highlighted above is a concise summary of iOS 9 release date, features and improvements.

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