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What is Cortana Windows Phone?

Can you tell me what is Cortana Windows Phone? What can Cortana Windows Phone do?

Someone tells me that a thing named Cortana is coming to Windows Phone. May I know what is Cortana, what is Cortana Windows Phone and what it can do? Anyone explain it for me? Thanks very much.

Best Answer:

Cortana appears as a pioneer to open the door of new operating system for Windows (10) and Windows Phone (10). Inheriting the name of an artificial intelligence character of Halo video game series, Cortana started out her new career – intelligent personal assistant since the alpha version was launched to Windows Phone 8.1 in August 2014. That is to say, Cortana Windows Phone is coming to us.

Cortana Windows Phone Is A Reminder
Windows Phone Cortana has remarkable memories and reminds you of something important which you have forgotten because of full schedule everyday, e.g. meetings, best friend’s birthday, reunion dinner. Don't worry about close relations that may be weakened by busy work or distance. Cortana will help you connect with people you care about closely.

Cortana Windows Phone Is A Suggester
Cortana Windows Phone prepares flight information for journey or business trip, airline, map of airport, distance and estimated time from your home to airport, flight on-time or delay and more. She tells the weather with suggestions of suitable clothes and rain gears as well as traffic status alerting you to leave early to avoid being late for work.

Cortana Windows Phone Knows You
Powered by Bing, Windows Phone with Cortana helps you search everything and grab news by a voice command. She tracks your favorites, learns about your friends and family and answers your questions as a perfect personal assistant. Don't treat Cortana Windows Phone as an emotionless gadget. Try to chat with her and you will get some unexpected hilarious replies, what will make you happy.

Cortana Windows Phone Does Everything Smartphone Can Do
Of course, you give calls, send messages, surf online, take pictures, record/play videos and more with Cortana Windows Phone. Yet, some third-party program can be used for meeting more requirements. For example, a powerful DVD converter to rip DVD to Cortana Windows Phone is in need for having a smooth DVD movie playback.

Availability of Cortana Windows Phone
Premiered on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana can also run on Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phone. And now, Cortana Windows Phone is available in several countries, including United States (US English), China (Mandarin Chinese), United Kingdom (UK English), Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and India. And, we expect that more versions of Cortana for Windows Phone are expanded to serve more people around the world.

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