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Top Ten Anti-human Designs/Disadvantages of Apple Products

What are Apple products' anti-human designs?

While Apple products, especially iPhone, become more and more popular, complaints about its unreasonable designs have never stopped. Does anyone wanna share with me some of the most notorious anti-human designs of Apple products?

Best Answer:

To attract consumers' attention, some handset manufacturers nowadays are striving for "innovation". Given the dire difficulty of adding new features and improving hardware performance greatly, they try to inject their innovation into the industrial design. While some of the designs indeed leave us in legitimate awe, some, daunted by the failure to find breakthrough in industrial design, go in the direction full of disgusting tastes. Though Apple has been famous for being good at "design" and "humanization" for a long time, its products such as iPhone iPad and MacBook aren't perfect, having some unreasonable or even "anti-human"; designs. Here are the ten anti-human designs of Apple products.

1. Wi-Fi gets disconnected automatically when iPhone's screen is locked for 15 seconds. Network gets broken as soon as you turn off the display (check the way to free download and watch movies without Wi-Fi).

2. iTunes suffers from various chaotic syncs.

3. I am a huge fan of Apple for almost ten years. Even my Mum used Apple II back in high school. Today, when I transferred pictures from SLR camera to iPhoto, iPhoto asked me about whether to delete the original photos in the camera. After I click on yes, pictures in both of the camera and iPhoto are deleted.

4. Macbook Air has no HDMI port.

5. You cannot play music and videos at will (when you find that music and videos downloaded on computers cannot be played on handsets or that music and videos downloaded with A app cannot be played with B app, you will blow up). Anyway, anything related with file management in iOS will just makes you want to die. Alternatively, you can convert the videos at hand to formats that are supported by Apple devices for smooth playback on them.

6. The battery is lackluster (here is how you can save battery on iPhone 6/6 Plus).

7. It is so complicated for us to make an iPhone ringtone out of our favorite music. If you are short of patience and IQ, you cannot make one and you have to endure the unpleasant built-in ringtones. Moreover, the 40 seconds limitation is implemented on every ringtone you make.

8. Magic Mouse is lousy to use. When using it, your entire palm almost suspends in midair, which could easily lead to fatigue and incorrect operation.

9. The Control Centre of iOS has WiFi switch, but no cellular data switch.

10. Say you just want to copy a small section of the entire texts in the first place. After you manage to select those target cautiously, the slight hand tremble results in covering the whole texts. Sometimes it is so difficult to choose the words you want to copy and paste.

For me, the biggest anti-human design of Apple products is the lack of Return button. In order to return, you have to change hand position to reach out for the top left corner. The lack of a physical Return button forces them to add a virtual one on the top left corner of the apps, which is not easy to reach. Alternatively, you are told to slide to the right on the screen for returning, which is unreasonable and illogical. What's worse, many apps have problems in adopting this logic. I do not know why they do not utilize the empty places on the left and right side of Home button. Obviously, it is more comfortable to return by pressing on the lower right corner or lower left corner, conforming to human's operational habit.

Let's hope Apple take the time to listen to consumers' feedbacks, doing away said clunkiness and there will never be similar article summing up the anti-human design of Apple products in the future.

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