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How to Stream online Video to Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox?

Stream online Video/Music to PS3 or Xbox? This article teaches stream online video/audio to game console like PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii...

It must be a huge waste to just play HD games on your game console, like PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. Apart from their main purpose, you can also regard PS3 as Blu-ray / DVD player or HD Media Player. Today, this Video to PS3 Xbox guide will teach you How to Stream Online Video / Movie / Music to PS3 and Xbox.
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PS3 Media Server is needed

PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant UPnP Media Server for the PlayStation 3 video game console and also supports the Xbox 360. Written in Java, it is used with the purpose of streaming or transcoding any kind of media files, with minimum configuration. It is supported by the MPlayer and FFmpeg packages. below guides is learnt from adubvideo, posts by adub..

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox Step 1

Make sure you have your PS3 or Xbox 360 connected to the network. Wifi also works, but the signal sometimes does not as good as network connection. After then, set up previously mentioned PS3 Media Server. It can auto detect your device is PS3 or Xbox then select for you. In new (beta) versions of PMS, support for a number of devices has been added so chances are you would see the corresponding device in this window.

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 1

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 1

Step 2: Navigation / Parsing settings

In this procedure, you need to select your source directory with Navigation/Share Settings table. This is where all of your videos are stored that you want to serve up to your PS3, Xbox, etc. In this case it is my Videos folder on my E: drive. Use 1 to navigate to your desired directory.

Lastly, save the configuration file so that PS3 Media Server can serve up the changes to your network. Also, click Restart HTTP Server if it bothers you, but it isn't necessary in this Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial.

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 2

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 2

Step 3: Transcoding Settings

Video Quality Settings to select your maximum bandwidth (25 Mbits in an example on a wifi network). Note that you do not have to do this, but I think it is good practice so as not to saturate your network. HD material can take up to 50 Mbits, so if your network can support it, go for it! For those of you who don't care, you should have no problem using zero (no limit).

General Settings to set your buffer size. This depends on the amount of ram you have in your system. Personally I don't remember why it's set to 250 in this picture, but it is usually safe to stick with the default 600, unless you have less than 1 GB of RAM. Also, make sure that you are using all of your cores when transcoding, unless you have a good reason, as it can reduce performance if you don't. Nobody likes choppy video!

Steam Video to PS3 Xbox Step 4

PS3 Media Server offers several encoders behind Video File Engines, like MEncoder and TsMuser. This will only work for people who have a multicore system. Most of you probably will, but if you don't, make sure that this is unchecked.

Tips 1: if you have a lot of interlaced video on your computer (chances are you don't) then check the Deinterlace Filter checkbox.

Tips 2: As to the Switch to tsMuxer option, use this only if your device supports .ts files. My rule of thumb is this: If I'm streaming to a PS3, check it. Else, leave it unchecked.

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 4

Stream Video to PS3 Xbox tutorial Step 4

What If?

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