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How to Put HD video and DVD/Bluray Video on White iPhone 4

In this guide, you will find the best solution to put DVD/Bluray to white iPhone 4, and convert to play back MKV, M2TS, AVI...on white iPhone 4...

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Recent Release of White iPhone 4

After nearly one year's waiting, white iPhone 4 finally showed up in the market for the first time on April 28. The pure white body and perfect touch design won a growing appeal of this brand new iPhone 4 which is especially favored by female.

What's New in White iPhone 4

Different color brings different style. Black iPhone 4 represents maturity and dignity, whereas white iPhone 4 is purer and fresher. In terms of hardware or configuration, there is no big difference therebetween. Besides the same 3.5-inch IPS touch screen, they both adopt Apple A4 processor with 1GHz main frequency, coming with 512MB RAM.

In order to better meet the demands of consumers, white iPhone 4 has increased its resolution to 960x640 and improved its camera to a 500MP backside-illuminated camera made of CMOS material. So both the display effect and shooting quality of the white phone are terrific.

Make Full Use of the Functions of White iPhone 4

One of the most exciting things for iPhone fans is that the resolution of iPhone 4 reaches 326dpi, which is beyond the limit of human Retina, 300dpi. This is not only a hollow data; instead, you should take good advantage of this sharp video display effect, because what else can white iPhone 4 do is far beyond our imagination, apart from the basic functions. Here come some potential uses of white iPhone 4 which you might not notice:

* Can I put DVD Video to white iPhone 4?

Yes. As we know, almost all devices can't play DVD video. For iPhone or other products from Apple Store, only MPEG-4 and H.264 are supported. But WinX DVD Ripper Platinum enables you to play DVD video on white iPhone 4 by the following steps:

A. Run after downloading WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, and load DVD disc;

B. Select "to iPhone" as the output type to be converted;

C. Click "Browse" to choose the output folder;

D. Hit big "Start" button to convert DVD video to iPhone 4 supported formats.

Put DVD to White iPhone 4

Put DVD to White iPhone 4

After the processes above, you need to import and transfer the converted DVD video to iPhone 4 by launching iTunes, going to Menu File, adding the converted video file to Library (or dragging and dropping the video file to iTunes), and pressing Sync button to load the converted video to your iPhone 4. Then you can watch DVD video on iPhone 4!

* Can I convert MKV / M2TS / AVCHD to white iPhone 4?

Yes. With the help of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, all mainstream video formats, including High Definition video MKV, M2TS, MTS, AVCHD, and regular video AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, RM, etc. can be converted to your iPhone 4. Taking converting MKV to iPhone 4 as an example:

A. Load your target MKV file by clicking "Add File";

B. Select "to iPhone" after choosing "to Apple" button specially made for owners of Apple products;

C. Set the destination of output file by clicking "Browse" button;

D. Click "Start" button to begin your MKV to iPhone 4 conversion.

Convert MKV to White iPhone 4

Convert MKV to White iPhone 4

* Can I play Bluray movies on iPhone 4?

Yes. WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper is specially designed to match your white iPhone 4. It compresses and converts Blu-ray DVD to MP4 / H.264 video with 2x faster ripping speed than the like Blu-ray DVD ripper software in the market, so that you can play back Bluray movies on iPhone 4 conveniently. Not only AT&T's iPhone 4, but also iPhone 3G and 3Gs are entitled to use this Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper. Simply, the following steps will show you how to play Bluray movies on iPhone 4 after downloading and running WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper:

A. Load movie from Bluray DVD disc;

B. Click "to iPhone" and select "iPhone 4" in the drop-down menu of Profile Setting";

C. Browse to choose the destination to place your ripped Bluray video;

D. Click "Start" button to enjoy the fastest Blu-ray DVD ripping speed. Then you can watch Bluray movies on iPhone 4.

Rip Bluray Movie to iPhone 4

Rip Bluray Movie to White iPhone 4

With WinX serial products, almost all source videos, including DVD, Bluray, as well as all mainstream HD and SD videos, can be converted to MPEG4 / H.264 videos to be played back on your white iPhone 4 or other Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. You can play DVD video on iPhone 4, convert MKV to iPad 2, back up M2TS to iPod and watch Bluray movies on Apple TV, and so on and so forth.

Still have trouble about playing DVD/Bluray/HD videos on white iPhone 4? Please feel free to Email Us >>

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