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How to Play and Convert AVCHD/MTS Video Files on Mac OS X

AVCHD(Advanced Video Coding High Definition)[1] is a format for the recording and playback of high definition (HD) video. It is with .mts extension which is a high-definition MPEG, AVC, H.264 transport stream video file format. AVCHD MTS files are used primarily with Sony hardware. Some camcorder models from Canon also use MTS files. These files are also present on Blu-ray disc compilations, therefore they are capable of storing quite a large amount of information and data tracks.

Playing Back AVCHD video on Mac OS X[2]

On your Mac OS computer, you can not Play AVCHD Video from the camcorder connected via USB as an external storage device, or from removable media or from the computer's internal hard disk drive. The reason is that, presently the default media players from Apple (QuickTime) will not an AVCHD Player natively.

Just as some Mac OS users shouting in the forums.macrumors: I can't believe it. The "world's most advanced OS" has no way to play raw AVCHD files? It is not totally true. To Play AVCHD video on Mac, an AVCHD player running on Mac OS X is required.

Play and Convert AVCHD MTS Video Files on Mac OS X

Play and Convert AVCHD/MTS Video Files on Mac OS X

How to Play AVCHD video on Mac with VLC media player for Mac OS X

VLC media player is a free AVCHD Player. It is one of the most Platform-independent AVCHD video players available. The reason we hold faith in VLC to playback AVCHD video is that, VLC has a very modular design which makes it easier to include modules/plugins for new file formats (including newly-emerged AVCHD/MTS video). Follow steps below, and you'll be enabled to play and watch AVCHD video on Mac OS.

Firstly, download VLC Media Player and install it on your computer correctly.

Secondly, click "Media", then "Open" from the top navigation menu of the player. Lead the movie file in the player to open. Click "OK" to open the file.

Thirdly, the movie should begin playing immediately. If the movie does not begin to play, the file may be corrupted or may contain an error.

Finally, for full screen viewing, right-click on the player window and select "Full Screen Mode".

Learn to Play AVCHD on Mac

Some Disadvantages of Playing back AVCHD video directly on Mac OS

Firstly, playing back AVCHD video directly upon your Mac, it is a hard job for your computer's CPU and graphics card. Comparing to playback HDV video, AVCHD file needs 2x-4x CPU processing power, and the consequence is to cause Overheating trouble, no matter you are using Macbook, Macbook Pro or iMac. This is great damage to your computer. So convert AVCHD video to Mac-friendly video formats (like MOV, MPEG, MP4, etc) will greatly expand your Mac's life-span.

Besides, if you do not have high-end Mac computer, moreover, its screen size is smaller than 1920x1080 (don't worry about this if you are using Apple A1083 30" LCD Monitor or Apple 30" Cinema HD LCD Display), then your AVCHD Player will not play 1080p video normally. Fortunately, some AVCHD converter software, like WinX HD Video Converter for Mac, will help you to Resize and Shrink AVCHD video image size to match up your displayer.

Last but not least, AVCHD camcorders usually use recording 1080 Interlaced Video. When playing interlaced AVCHD video on your Mac, the image you see from AVCHD video will not be true to the original. Fortunately, with WinX HD Video Converter for Mac's Advanced De-interlacing Engine, you can enjoy more vivid and smooth image. AVCHD Converter for Mac Free Downlaod >>

AVCHD Video before De-interlaced and After De-interlaced

AVCHD Video before De-interlaced and After De-interlaced

Play AVCHD on iMac/MacBook/Mac Mini, As well as Play on iPhone/iPad

Apple popular devices, like iPhone 4, iPad, iPod, iTouch are also can't support AVCHD video natively, though all of them are gifted best reviewed brilliant displays (960x 640 iPhone 4 and 1024x768 iPad). So if you want to play AVCHD on iPhone, play AVCHD on iPad, iPod, iTouch or other Apple portable devices, you still need an AVCHD Video Converter - WinX HD Video Converter for Mac. Free Downlaod >>

Learn to Use AVCHD Converter for Making AVCHD Mac-friendly

Free download Mac AVCHD Video Converter - WinX HD Video Converter for Mac, and it is quite easy to achieve AVCHD converting on Mac:

1. Launch the program and import your video by clicking "Add" button.

2. Choose the language track of your AVCHD video in File List window. Then, you can enjoy video with your preferred audio language track - Unique Feature.

3. choose "to MOV", "to MP4", "to Apple", "to HD Video", "to General Video", "to DVD", "to SONY", "to MicroSoft", "to Portable", "to Music" as your task.

4. Click "Start" button to start converting.

To Read Full and more detailed User Guide >>

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"i have great many of avchd sources, thay are shoot by my professional entertaining friends, i think these avchd recordings are pretty cherishable. but i hardly to play and watch them on my mac pro, since they always cause the over-heat of my mac. hope you avchd converter software can help me play avchd on mac easily."
- Sherwin

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