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How to Fix YouTube Video No Sound/Audio Problems

Do a Google search and you will see the same question of how to fix YouTube videos with no sound has been asked thousands of times. There are answers, but it's never easy to find one exactly working for you. In answer to how to get sound back to your YouTube videos, we gathered up all kinds of ways, and here is a help center serving up solutions for your online or downloaded YouTube videos no sound/audio problems.

One example:
"I'm not stupid, I do have my volume up and the YouTube video isn't muted, but I have no sound when I watch YouTube videos. The video is playing but no sound. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!"

How to Fix YouTube Video No Sound Problem?

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No Sound in YouTube Videos

Part 1 - YouTube Plays Videos but Has No Sound

We will start with the most basic level to help figure out what's going on with your no-sound YouTube videos. Sometimes, problems of no audio in YouTube videos are just caused by little things like forgetting to turn on sound on your computer, which really happened to some of us. Well, I suggest you go through this list of solutions to fix the YouTube video no sound problem one by one.

1. Sound settings. Like I said, first make sure that the sound has not been turned off on your computer and hover over the speaker icon on YouTube to see if there is an "X" beside the volume slider. If yes, then click to unlock it and slide it to your desired level (this works for a large part of people).

2. Sound card. Go to another site to see if there is sound in other online videos. This is for your sound card verifying. If all other videos have sound except for YouTube, then your sound card has nothing to do with the no sound in YouTube video problem.

Web Browser for YouTube Video No Sound

3. Adobe Flash player. Check out the version of your Adobe Flash player. YouTube and many other video websites use Flash player for video playing, and Adobe Flash browser plug-in problems happen often, which, as a result, show up as no sound or audio in YouTube videos. Download the newest Adobe Flash player to have a try if you are still using the old version. Or get the previous back if the YouTube No Sound problem appears only after you use the upgrade edition. Know more…

4. Web browser. You can also try to test the audio by using different web browsers, like IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc, which may be a solution as well.

5. Download YouTube videos. If you are tired of such YouTube videos having no sound problems for reasons of browser or player plugin, downloading videos from YouTube to avoid all of them seems like a good way out.

There is no quick solution for YouTube video no sound problems when:

1. YouTube videos contains copyrighted audio track, which leads to the silence.
2. "Google made a code change recently and it caused ALL YouTube video paged to ope with the audio muted". What you can do is waiting until Google fixes the code.

YouTube Downloader Fix No Sound Problem

Part 2 – Downloaded YouTube Videos with No Sound

Both bad net connection and inappropriate YouTube downloader would cause YouTube video no sound problems, because your audio download may have stopped before it is finished. If you lost sound in your downloaded YouTube videos, the problem might be sorted out by changing the YouTube downloading software.

A good one I know is free WinX YouTube Downloader. From feedback of users, there has never been no-sound issues in downloaded YouTube video with this cost-free professional YouTube downloader. Better yet, there are various special YouTube video downloading help files. Maybe you will have interest in some of them:

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Info about WinX YouTube Downloader
(Related to YouTube video no audio/sound problem)

1. This free YouTube downloader delivers high performance for downloading any videos available on YouTube at the most competitive speed (5-8x real-time download speed).
2. Embedded High Quality Engine helps to keep original audio/video quality, while Multi-thread and Multicast Technology, which are designed to enhance YouTube audio video sync, play a big role in solving the YouTube videos no sound problems.
Download WinX YouTube Downloader to have a try…

If all fails, our support team is still here to help you deal with YouTube videos no sound things. So relax and email us with your particular case.

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