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Download and Play 4K Ultra HD Movie Videos: Everything You Need to Know

How to Download and Play 4K UHD Movie Video on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

- Devin, how long do 5 minute 4k videos take to upload to YouTube?
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Gone are the days of watching blurry videos. 4K is coming. But believe it or not, 4K Ultra HD video is very difficult to download, upload or playback on PC, Mac, iPad, etc. We decide to go to great length to explain things like where and how to download 4K video, why it is so hard to play 4K Ultra HD videos on your PC, laptop or iPad, is there any really useful 4K video downloader for YouTube 4K UHD movies download, etc., even though I wondered why on earth people would devote so much time to figure out every little thing about this nearly unavailable 4K videos (there would be a long time for 4K videos' prevailing after all).


1. What Is 4K Ultra HD Video Resolution?
2. How to Download 4K Videos from YouTube on PC/Mac?
3. Why Do Not Play 4K Ultra HD video on iPad?
4. Several Facts You Need to Know about 4K Video Download

You can find out data about 4K video resolution, 4K monitor, 4KUltra HD TV elsewhere online, but the information we've gathered up and posted here just explains more. For answers to YouTube 4K video download/playback on PC, Mac or iPad or the best 4K UHD video downloader, check out the following technical parts, based on your level.

Best 4K Video Downloader to Free Download YouTube 4K UHD Videos

Free download YouTube 4K Ultra HD videos for playback on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc with the help of a 100% free and safe 4K video downloading tool - WinX YouTube Downloader

What is 4K Ultra HD Video Resolution?

4K resolution (on Wiki): 4K UHD is a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels, which delivers four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD. It looks even more real than actual life. There are a number of different 4K resolutions, a common one of which is 4096x2160, for a total resolution of 8,847,360 pixels.

4K UHD Video on YouTube

Where to Download 4K UHD Videos

Starting from July 2013, YouTube announced that it would offer some short videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution for downloading or watching online and registered users would be allowed to upload 4K videos as well (up to 4096x3072 pixels, 12.6 megapixels, aspect ratio 4:3). Now both YouTube and Vimeo stream 4K content. BBC carried out a series of 4K Ultra HD trails of 2014 Brazil World Cup this year. And what's more, you can get 4K streams on Netflix, like House of Cards in 4K.

Remember that if you want to play YouTube 4K videos online, you will need to click on the gear icon and change the resolution to 4K. Otherwise you are just seeing it at 320p, 720p or 1080p. But what if you want to download 4K video from YouTube for DVD burning or further editing, or you want to play YouTube 4K Ultra HD video on iPad? First you need to download 4K video from YouTube with a 4K video downloader.

How to Download 4K UHD Video from YouTube?

You can't download videos from YouTube directly without charge, be it 4K, 2K, or 1080p. So get yourself a YouTube 4K video download software if your computer has a powerful graphics card that supports 4K and HDMI version 1.4 or higher, which enables you to connect your PC or Mac to a 4K TV. We list several of them in the following part and you may choose one of them to realize your 4K video downloading or playing.

How to Download 4K UHD Video from YouTube?

WinX YouTube Downloader

Free 4K video downloader to download YouTube 4K videos.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Download and convert YouTube 4K videos for PC/Mac/iPad.

It can save (and convert, natch) videos from the likes of YouTube, and output presets for every portable device from Android to Windows Phone. - Rick (CNET Editor)
Download 4K Video from YouTube

YouTube 4K Video Downloaders

1. 4K Video Downloader: Designed for YouTube Ultra HD video downloading and very simple to use. This free 4K video downloader delivers fast download speed and maintains high video quality. You can save the downloaded 4K video in MP4, MKV, 3GP formats (seems too limited). But Win 7 users should be careful here because some people say that it crashes constantly when download 4K videos from YouTube or sometimes it won't even launch under Mac OS.

2. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe: The best multifunctional one for 4K Ultra HD video downloading, converting and editing on both PC and Mac, which gives users an ultimate control of SD, HD, 4K resolution videos. There are 370+ video & audio codecs and 410 preset profiles built in this 4K video downloader. Its support of multi-core CPU use ensures you can download and convert YouTube 4K videos at 32x faster real time. Original 4K quality will be kept exactly. And you can also add an external SRT subtitle files to downloaded 4K videos.

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* Google announced the DASH Protocol last year which makes your 1080p HD video download impossible with add-ons, like the Firefox add-on Video Download Helper, let alone downloading 4K videos, meaning you can only download 720p or lower quality videos now and a 4K video downloader is required for enjoying YouTube 4K videos offline.

Why Do Not Play 4K Video on iPad?

So many people try to download and play YouTube 4K Ultra HD video on iPad or watch 4K videos online on iPad via YouTube app. But we suggest that you play 4K video on Ultra HD TV after you successfully download 4K video from YouTube. iPad is only 2048 pixels wide. It does qualify as a 2K display, but not 4K. What it will ever display is 2048 pixels video. As to playing 4K video online on iPad, YouTube app won't even stream 1080p videos to the new iPad, let alone the 4K videos, unless there is a YouTube HD app some day. So far, we have no app that has full access to 4K resolution video playback.

Several Facts to Know before You Download 4K Videos

1. First is our lack of 4K video source. 4K UHD video is still pretty lame for the public, even with the great H.265 codec. Only few of major movies are shot in 4K, most of which are in 2K or 2.7K. And those videos being streamed in 4K are always going to be compressed, just like some 4K videos on YouTube. Critics complained that YouTube 4K videos are not "true 4K", which may, in fact, be 4096 × 2304 resolution, but the bit rate and compression makes it look worse than standard 1080p.

2. The need of 4K display, 4K monitor, graphic card for 4K. Do you have a 4K display, a graphic card for 4k videos or any video editing software that can edit 4k? Without a qualified 4K display, even if you finish your 4K video download from YouTube, you can't really enjoy ultimate visual feast.

3. High bandwidth. Is your broadband able to handle 4K video download? Your YouTube 4K UHD video download and playback on PC/Mac may take all the bandwidth and you can't even do any browsing. If there is no good internet service provider, which leads to a sprint slow speed connection, your YouTube videos only go as high as 360p quality.

4. Convert SD HD to 4K? Don't try to convert SD HD videos to 4K videos, it will look awful. You can convert a 640x480 movie to 4096×2160, and it would be 4K, but it will by no means be the same quality as real 4K video. What makes it 4k is the resolution, not the quality of the image.

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If you need an all-in-one 4K video downloader converter to download 4K videos to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc, please turn to WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

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